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The Pandemic: What Did You Lose? What Did You Learn?

-A Worksheet-

I know. I know. You’ve heard this several times already. However, have you ever been in the middle of talking to someone about how much you lost during the pandemic and the person, with all their so-called wisdom, stops you saying something like, “Oh, I know just how you feel; but look at all the positives that came out of this.” And, because you are a polite person, you refrain from reaching for their throat? Sound familiar? Well, I’m not going to be that person in this article. Instead, I want you to immerse yourself in all that you’ve lost. I know it doesn’t seem like a pleasant thing to do. However, stay with me. This will all begin to make sense pretty soon. So, let’s get started.

As humans, loss is something we all experience. One of the ways to make sense of this is to look at a number of different types of loss. Look over the beginning list of 40 losses that could be related to the pandemic. Then, run a copy of this page and place a check mark for each loss that you have experienced as a result of the pandemic during 2020 and 2021:

☐ Loss of the world as I knew it

☐ Loss of finances

☐ Loss of touch—handshakes, hugs, kisses

☐ Loss of job

☐ Loss of face-to-face activities and communication

☐ Loss of safety

☐ Loss of freedom to go where I want

☐ Loss of time

☐ Loss of shopping experiences

☐ Loss of sleep

☐ Loss of eating out, going to the theatre

☐ Loss of appetite

☐ Loss of going to the park or entertainment center

☐ Loss of my business

☐ Loss of general interaction with family members

☐ Loss of innocence

☐ Loss of ability to celebrate important events

☐ Loss of job location

☐ Loss of loved one’s health to Covid-related disability

☐ Loss of trust in the government

☐ Loss of a feeling of community

☐ Loss of energy

☐ Loss of a friend or acquaintance to a Covid death

☐ Loss of my spiritual beliefs

☐ Loss of faith in my fellow human beings

☐ Loss of a personal goal

☐ Loss of hope for the future

☐ Loss of my daily routine

☐ Loss of life on a global scale

☐ Loss of learning opportunities

☐ Loss of educational location

☐ Loss of my home

☐ Loss of religious/spiritual gatherings

☐ Loss of food availability

☐ Loss of trust in the health care system

☐ Loss of ability to concentrate

☐ Loss of my health as a result of Covid

☐ Loss of previous support

☐ Loss of loved one to a Covid death

Now, go

Take a look at the list and ask yourself these questions:

1. Which five hurt the worst? Place an asterisk* to the right of each box.

2. What reactions am I having to each of the five? For example, Am I angry? Do I feel guilty? How sad am I about each?

3. What, if anything, can I do now about each of these five losses?

4. Using the scale below, rate how happy you are that our country is through most of the pandemic:

Not Slightly Somewhat Quite Very Extremely

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy


5. What did I learn from each of these five losses? (Note here, that I am not saying that the loss was a good thing or that it was supposed to happen to somehow teach you a lesson.) Rather, given that it did happen, what have I learned from this loss? How am I going to do things differently in the future?

What I learned from my loss of ___________ is that:

What I learned from my loss of ___________ is that:

What I learned from my loss of ___________ is that:

What I learned from my loss of ___________ is that:

What I learned from my loss of ___________ is that:

6. Here is what I’m going to do differently in the future as a result of the pandemic:

7. What positives have come about as a result of the pandemic?

I don’t have to tell you: this pandemic has changed our world in innumerable ways. By filling in this worksheet I hope you have gained a little more insight into what you’ve lost, what you’ve learned, and what you plan to do with your life.



Bob Baugher, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology

Highline College, Des Moines, Washington


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