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Are you a crier, a non-crier, or somewhere in between?

While not everyone may benefit from a good cry, everyone will certainly benefit from a reading of this marvelous little book

Have you wondered about the mysterious world of tears? Why do some people cry more than others? Are there gender differences? A 66-page book by Bob & Darcie filled with fun facts on crying. Includes research findings on the biological, cognitive, emotional, social, and cultural elements of the crying process. Provides insight into why some people are frequent criers and others are not. Offers suggestions for dealing with crying and includes writings from people who share their crying stories.


What You'll Read About

  • What is Crying?

  • Scientific Research on Crying

  •  Those of Who Cry More or Less

  • Suggestions for Dealing with Crying Behavior 

  • Real-life Stories of Crying

  • A Personal Crying Survey

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