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How we react to the death of a loved one can be confusing.



Coping with Your Grief: A Guide for the Bereaved Survivor offers practical insight into the grieving heart and guides the reader through each stage and various reactions during bereavement. It's a 'Grief 101' book that's easy to read and helps validate what the griever is experiencing. More than 100,000 copies of this book have been purchased by individuals, churches, hospitals, hospices, the military, funeral homes, grief support groups, organ donation groups, and by professionals who help bereaved clients. Now available in Spanish!

Now available in Spanish



Image by Sebastien Gabriel

Como traductor al espanol de este libro, tuve que leerlo con gran detalle. Durante su vida, mi madre vio fallecer a cuatro de sus hijos. Lamento que ella no hubiese tenido la oportunidad de leerlo para superar la muerte de mis cuatro hermanos.

-Carlos Serrano

Boston, MA

Tips on Grief and Loss

Image by Sebastien Gabriel

When you lose someone who has been the main center of your life, it leaves a huge hole. You wonder how you will ever get through the rest of your life without that person. At least that is the way it was for me at the beginning. This book was a true blessing, letting me know those feelings were normal, but that I would get through that period, and life goes on. There are pages of suggestions as to how you can overcome the grief. I highly recommend this book. Thank you Dr. Baugher for publishing this book.

This is not a book that anyone really wants to have to read, but I needed it after my 26 year old son died unexpectedly 2 months ago. The book is short and easy to read - when you are bereaved it's hard to focus on anything complicated. Descriptions of what you're feeling are on one side of the page and explanations of these feelings and suggestions of how to deal with them are on the facing page. It's easy to refer to at a later time also.

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