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Men & Their Grief Videos

How do men cope with their grief?

The first video is a ground-breaking look inside the sometimes private world of men. Join them as they discuss their struggle in coping with the death of a child, parent, sibling, or spouse. Then view the second DVD which is an unprecedented 20-year follow-up in which 6 of the 8 men reflect on their grief then and now.

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Men and Their Grief DVD
Men and Their Grief: 20 Years Later DVD
Men and Their Grief: 2 DVD Set




Men & Their Grief 20 Years Later

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"Sitting down to watch Dr. Bob Baugher's two-DVD set about men's grief, I was apprehensive.

Like many men, I suppose I didn't want to talk about or even watch other men discuss their grief.

But after the men in the group started talking.. I saw much of my grief journey mirrored in theirs.

I am glad I watched, as it really validated my feelings."

-Samuel Griffith, surviving father of Maj

This is a powerful DVD! Eight bereaved men of extraordinary courage allow us an honest glimpse into their very souls. It takes real guts to break through all of society's grief barriers and 'tell it like it is.' Don't watch this one unless you're truly brave enough to square off against the reality of pain with truth, wisdom and compassion. Bravo to eight terrific role models! --Andrea Gambill, Editor, Grief Digest

The next time you can hardly breathe because you aren't sure if you can handle another day of grief, stop and listen and watch these men (yes, I said men!) who have returned after twenty years since their first video to share their continuing-journey stories. These men are tough and tender, vulnerable and courageous, and always honest. What they have endured will offer encouragement to those who are following along on their own grief journeys. Give yourself the gift of inspiration as you watch and follow these never-give-up examples of hope and healing. You will be blessed!

-Andrea Gambill, Editor, Grief Digest Magazine

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