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Are you a new professional who is beginning your career helping others? Or do you know someone who is new in this field?


This little book is an excellent guide to help you negotiate the challenges

of your profession.


Brief Chapters Include

  • What is the Price of Caring?

  • Challenges in the Helping Profession

  • Self Care

  • Why Don't I Ask for Help?

Image by Patrick Hendry

"The Best Guide to Your New Professional Career in Helping Others is an important book not only for those of us in the human service field, but for anyone in the helping profession. This book provides the reader with many critical insights, especially for those new to the world of the helping profession.With gentle words and humor Baugher and Sims remind us that in order to help others you must learn to first take care of yourself. This book teaches you how to balance your life and your career so that you are able to be successful in both."

Marianne Scrudato Carreño,  

Outreach and Curriculum Coordinator, VISTA/ Ameri-Corps

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