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“Suicide touches the lives of thousands of people who must deal with the agony and mystery of this tragic phenomenon... 

In After Suicide Loss you are guided from the moment of personal impact...

Most of all, from this profound and important work you will feel comforted and you will have


Read this yourself and pass it on! You will be grateful that you did!”

Iris Bolton,

Director Emeritus of the National Resource Center for Suicide Prevention and Aftercare at the LINK Counseling Center- Atlanta, Georgia.

Iris lost her son, Mitch, to suicide in 1977.

The first edition of this book has been praised by survivors and professionals alike. Now, it has been expanded from 75 to 150 pages. Co-authored by Dr. Baugher and Dr. Jack Jordan, this 2nd edition guides the family member through events and reactions that often occur during the first years following suicide and beyond. The new edition includes valuable information on helping children cope with a suicide, suggestions for coping over the long term, 11 stories written by people whose loved one died from suicide, and appendices on when to seek professional help, suggestions for supporting family and friends, and causes and risks of suicide.


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Suicide Intervention and Prevention

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This book is the best primer I have read in my 27 years as a survivor of suicide loss. It is rich in its breadth and scope of the complexities of dealing with loss of a loved one, friend or colleague to suicide loss.  It provides education and practical suggestions for the healing journey, while acknowledging the wide range of experience in the grief journey. This book is realistic and practical and left me with such a wonderful sense of hope in dealing with suicide loss. I want every survivor of suicide loss and every person supporting a survivor to have this book.

Shirley Kaminsky, RN,BSN (retired)

Loss & Healing Council Chair,

Member National Board of Directors of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 

Co-Founder Greater San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of AFSP.

Shirley lost her son, David, to suicide in 1987.

Direct, compassionate, and practical, After Suicide Loss provides all the vital information that both laymen and professionals need in the immediate aftermath of a suicide and through the first two years and beyond.  Sharing wisdom from their decades of experience working with suicide loss survivors, the co-authors offer a broad roadmap of what to expect and how to navigate the challenging and essential journey back to emotional health.  Required reading for suicide loss survivors, first responders, mental health professionals, and anyone who routinely engages with those who have experienced the trauma of a suicide loss.

Christine Moutier, MD,

 Chief Medical Officer, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

Dr. Moutier has lost numerous physician colleagues and trainees to suicide.

Absolutely the best book we have read on suicide loss. We are approaching the one year anniversary of our son's death. This book was the most helpful out of the many books we have read (over 30), and it addresses almost every possible question one could have after such a terrible loss. It gives succinct answers, does not moralize, and gives lists of additional helpful resources.

-Grieving reader

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