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This booklet won't tell you not to feel guilty. Guilt is a part of a normal human reaction trying to make sense out of something that's really senseless. 


It is written to help bereaved people gain insight into their guilt feelings and to begin the process of moving beyond the heavy burden of guilt.

Why do I feel GUILTY?

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Common Guilt Statements

  • If only...

  • Why didn't I (or why did I?)...

  • I should have...

  • I shouldn't have...

  • I don't deserve to...

  • This was payment for...

  • I am not worthy of...

  • I didn't take the time to...

There are all kinds of guilt that people experience and it's no one's job to talk you out of it. If you are feeling these feelings they are normal. I know that it's asking a lot for you to stay in those feelings and keep getting up each day despite all this pain. I also want you to understand that feeling less guilt does not mean you are letting go of your child, grandparent, sibling, spouse, friend, etc. 

This book talks you through all of these feelings. It gives suggestions on how to keep the memory of your loved one alive, and how to process your guilt and grief. Relieving yourself of guilt and finding joy again is what your loved one would want for you. 

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Almost 2 years ago I ordered some material from you and now it's time to re-order 15 more copies of your excellent book Understanding Guilt during Bereavement. Basically parents borrow it, and we don't often get it back. I'm happy it's so helpful to them. 

--Caring People Press, publisher

I got this as a recommendation from my grief counselor. It is helping me make steps in coping with my brother's death.

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