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Teen: But You Did

Bob Baugher

When your loved one died,

You thought that you wouldn’t be able to make it through another day

But you did

When you were tired of people asking, “How are you?” “We’re worried about you.”

You thought you couldn’t take another stupid comment from people.

But you did

In the depths of your sorrow as you walked down the hall at school or sat on your bed,

You thought you could never laugh again.

But you did.

In the harsh moments of anger toward others or guilt about just being alive

You thought you’d never feel half way normal again.

But you did.

In the dark winter of your grief

You never imagined that you would come to a conference like this.

But you did

Yes, you somehow found the strength to get to this day

To be in this room

To sit surrounded by people—amazing people

Who, like you, have lost so much

People who wonder how you and they made it to this moment

But you did.

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