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When grief comes into your life,             
        You don't have to experience it alone.

Dr. Bob Baugher, a grief specialist and certified death educator, offers books, videos, and articles to guide you through each grieving moment.

Help Men Navigate Their Grief

Explore the oft time secret realm of men's grief as they navigate the profound experience of loss. Witness their candid conversations about coping with the death of a child, parent, sibling, or spouse. Then, delve into a unique 20-year follow-up where 6 out of 8 men reflect on their grief journey, offering insights into their past and present perspectives.

How we react to the death of a loved one can be confusing.

To help with this, we offer a "grief 101" book that offers a list of reactions, suggestions, and steps written just for the bereaved person who seeks an overview of the bereavement process.
Now available in Spanish!

"After losing my sweet husband suddenly a week before I was going to retire to be with him, a friend of mine who had also recently lost her husband, loaned me Coping with Grief. It saved me by explaining all the stages of grief...This book will always be on my nightstand."

How we can support you in your most painful moments
Gain Perspective
Promote Healings
Sunset over Poppy Field
Grief is always there, waiting for those moments to surface again. Grief does not, will not, cannot go away...but with time grief gradually, slowly, imperceptively diminishes; but it will never vanish..
"Grief is unfinished love."

Dr. Bob Baugher is renowned for spending time with and offering grief counseling to countless families. He helped me personally through a loss that I wouldn't have been able to handle otherwise. 

An outstanding thoughtful guide for anyone who is struggling with the loss of a loved one!

This book has been a Godsend in my time of grief. I have purchased several of them to give to loved ones who are grieving.

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